Why trust Us?

The Mujer y Hogar Foundation is a non-profit organization, created in 2001 and located in the city of Bucaramanga, Colombia.

We are a private, apolitical and independent institution that works in four departments of Colombia. We have a goal that motivates us daily: the improvement in the living conditions of our benefited communities through our own model of sustainable development.

We are recognized in the country for the social impact we demonstrate with our actions and for our active participation in national and international Public Policies.


Sponsor with us

Sponsorship consists of creating a privileged relation between a vulnerable family benefited from the Mujer y Hogar Foundation, and a sponsor who has the desire to change lives with their monthly financial support.

The sponsorship allows the Foundation to have a stable income to be able to carry out social impact projects that will change the lives of your sponsored family and of the entire community (within these projects are included actions such as the construction of healthy homes and schools, a medical center, the remodeling of a Community home in order to increase the capacity of children who benefit from our initial education and parents classes).

We believe in a comprehensive development. Our two programs and eleven associated projects are based on our own BPSL model (Bio-Psico-Socio-Labor), which focuses on providing solutions to the consequences of poverty, this in tune with the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), which aims to eradicate poverty by 2030.

Our vision: we do not provide assistance aid, we seek the self-sufficiency of each member of the family within the security of the family unit.

You can count on the security and seriousness of the Mujer y Hogar Foundation. For more than 22 years we have developed social projects that have transformed and continue to transform the lives of thousands of beneficiary families. Our team is trained to provide answers to problems and to contribute daily with their know-how in order to give opportunities to our families so that they will to be able to improve their situation.

We have alliances, benefactors and national and international donors who trust us.

We also have the ISO 9001-2015 quality certification that implies excellence and quality in all our work processes.

We believe that the family unit is essential for the development of family members, since within the family children are educated, mutual support is taught, attention to the well-being of each of its members is given and other important values are shared. For all this reasons, we seek to strengthen the family and we propose to sponsor the whole family.

Our projects not only focus on children, there is also backing for parents. For them, we offer workshops on health prevention, education (School for parents) and incentives to work (for example through our different business units). You will be part of that process!

You can sponsor a family from 20 Dollars / Euros per month, with Paypal (PayU for Colombia), in a totally safe way.

Your monthly donation will fund projects that will change the lives of our communities!

Your sponsorship plan includes: a digital notebook where you will find the exchange history with your sponsored family, a quarterly email (NewsLetter) with the social impact of the actions carried out by the Foundation, and an annual report with the programs, projects and activities that allowed to improve the living conditions of your sponsored family’s community. And if you can, you have the chance to visit your sponsored family and our Foundation!

Yes, we understand that life events can lead you to cancel your subscription to the sponsorship plan. In that case, just send us an email to contact@fundacionmujeryhogar.org and indicate your interest in stopping the financial contribution. A period of 1 month will be necessary to process your request and cancel your automatic debit. It is important to highlight that, for reasons of confidentiality, in this case it will not be possible to obtain personal data from the sponsored family anymore (the family will not be able to access your data either), the foregoing is expressed in accordance with our personal data protection policy.

Sponsoring is very easy! Click here, choose the family you want to help, fill out the form and complete the payment process. Within 5 business days, our staff in charge of the sponsorship program will contact you by email to deliver your virtual notebook with photos and a message from your sponsored family. If you want to communicate any content, letter or photo to the family you will support, send us that information. We will take care of everything!

Click here to send us a message or click on the WhatsApp button that appears on the right side of this page.

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