Welcome to our Home!

Meet the other families and give them a hand!

We are the López family, we invite you to meet us! Your support for one of the families will allow our Foundation to improve the living conditions of the entire community.

We want to greet you

The López family introduces themselves and thanks you for your support.

“I thank the Mujer y Hogar Foundation for giving us the support that we so much need as the head of the household that we are, and for our children. We have needs as single mothers, we need support to know how to guide our children, to have a good example. Thank you for always caring about our children”.

our family

Luz Victoria3

our activities

our job:
  • Mildreth: trader
  • Jorman: musician
Our children’s activities:
  • None
  • Children attending school: 0

our home

  • Housing type: Apartment
  • Kitchen: yes
  • Washing machine: no
  • Natural gas: yes
  • Vehicle: no

How will the Mujer y Hogar Foundation use your monthly donation?

Your monthly donation will not be given directly to the family. This method would encourage a form of assistance that does not allow improving living conditions in the long term. In addition, it could cause community conflicts.

As a Foundation, we have the objective of achieving the family’s self-sufficiency and that of the entire community through sustainable development programs and projects with the greatest impact (for example, the construction of a school that would benefit the entire community). Your contribution will thus allow us to finance all our projects.

Meet the other families and give them a hand

What will I receive as a sponsor?

Get ready to have a privileged relationship with your sponsored family!

  • Your sponsorship plan includes:
  • A digital notebook where you will find all the exchange history with your family.
  • You will find photos of the family you sponsor and a welcome message.
  • Through the Foundation’s staff, you will be able to write electronic letters, show photos of your family, your activities and everything else you want to share with them.
  • There will be continuous communication!
  • A quarterly email (NewsLetter) with the activities carried out by the Foundation. There we will tell you about the actions that positively impacted your family.
  • An annual report with information of the programs, projects and activities that have made it possible to improve the living conditions of the community and your family.
  • Make the most of your holidays and visit your sponsored family and our Foundation!